Wavegarden WG-260OM Acoustic Guitar Top Solid with Gig Bag& Accessories

Wavegarden WG-260OM Acoustic Guitar 

Introducing the Wavegarden WG-260OM Acoustic Guitar, a high-quality instrument that combines beauty and sound in one package. This 4/4 full-size acoustic folk guitar features a cutaway shape, making it perfect for playing intricate chord progressions and solos. With its 20 frets, you'll have ample room to explore the full range of the guitar's sound.

The WG-260OM is crafted with only the finest woods. The solid spruce top provides a rich, warm tone that is perfect for fingerpicking or strumming. The Indian rosewood back and sides add a touch of elegance to the guitar's appearance, while also providing added durability. The mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard offer a smooth and comfortable playing experience.

The WG-260OM is strung with D'addario steel strings, which are known for their excellent sound and long-lasting durability. This guitar is designed for right-handed players and comes with a set of Road Dog 12-53 guitar strings.The package also includes a Joyo JT-12 Tuner, Guitto GGC-06 Capo, Notation Sticker, Joyo 1.4mm pick x 10 and 1 x pick keychain, and a top-quality gig bag. This high-quality gig bag offers protection for your guitar while also making it easy to transport. The Wavegarden WG-260OM Acoustic Guitar is a high-quality instrument that offers exceptional sound and playability. It is perfect for musicians of all levels and is suitable for genres such as folk, country, and pop. With its premium woods, beautiful finish, and top-of-the-line accessories, this guitar is sure to be a treasured instrument for years to come.


  • Brand: Wavegarden
  • Model: WG-260OM
  • Body Size: 4/4 Full-Size Acoustic Folk Guitar OM Shape
  • Number of frets: 20
  • Woods: Solid Spruce Top
  • Back& Side Materials: Indian Rosewood 
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood 
  • String Type: Streel 
  • String Brand: D'addario
  • 6 String Right-Handed Acoustic Folk Guitar
  •  Package comes: Joyo JT-12 Tuner; Guitto GGC-06 Capo& Notation Sticker; Joyo 1.4mm pick x 10 and 1 x pick keychain; 1 set of Road Dog 12-53 guitar string; 1 x Top Quality Gig bag included.
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