Wavegarden WG-230OM Acoustic Guitar Top Solid Beginner Guitar

Wavegarden WG-230OM Acoustic Guitar Top Solid Folk Guitar

Introducing the Wavegarden WG-230OM Acoustic Guitar - Your Gateway to Sonic Brilliance!

Unleash your musical passion with the Wavegarden WG-230OM Acoustic Guitar. Crafted to perfection, this full-size 4/4 acoustic folk guitar with an OM shape promises an extraordinary playing experience. Here are the key details that make it a must-have for every aspiring musician:

Body Size:

4/4 Full-Size Acoustic Folk Guitar with a sleek OM Shape

Fretboard Mastery:

Discover your musical prowess with 20 carefully placed frets that allow for exceptional playability and creativity.

Premium Tonewoods:

The WG-230OM features a Solid Spruce Top, renowned for its rich and resonant sound. The back and sides are crafted from the warm and inviting tones of Mahogany, providing a perfect balance for your melodies.

Smooth Playability:

The neck, also constructed from Mahogany, ensures a comfortable grip and seamless transitions across the fretboard.

Elegance Meets Functionality:

The fingerboard, made from Rosewood, not only adds an elegant touch but also enhances the guitar's overall playability.

Strings that Sing:

Equipped with steel strings from the renowned D'addario brand, this guitar offers a bright and crisp sound that's ready to captivate any audience.

Right-Handed Brilliance:

Designed for right-handed players, the WG-230OM is your canvas for musical expression.

Ready for the Stage:

Whether you're performing on a stage or just jamming with friends, the included gig bag ensures your guitar remains protected and portable, making it an ideal companion for your musical journey.

The Wavegarden WG-230OM Acoustic Guitar is more than just an instrument; it's a gateway to your musical dreams. Elevate your sound, seize the spotlight, and create unforgettable melodies with this exceptional guitar. Order yours today and embark on a musical adventure like never before!



  •  Brand: Wavegarden
  •  Model: WG-230OM
  •  Body Size: 4/4 Full-Size Acoustic Folk Guitar OM Shape
  •  Number of frets: 20
  •  Woods: Solid Spruce Top
  •  Back& Side Materials: Mahogany
  •  Neck: Mahogany
  •  Fingerboard: Rosewood
  •  String Type: Streel 
  •  String Brand: D'addario
  •  6 String Right-Handed Acoustic Folk Guitar
  •   Package comes: Gig Bag

Photos weren't done from professional studio due to clearance; colours may slightly vary from actual item. 

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