NUX N-Live Audio Interface Built-in Bluetooth&App

NUX N-LIVE  - The Most Versatile Audio Interface - Combining Guitar Modelling, Podcasting, and Live Streaming Pro Audio Home Recording All In One

The design inspiration of N-LIVE is from the analog console in the professional studio. It's an audio interface which has 6 inputs / 4 outputs, high quality and low latency. The microphone input offers 116.9 dB wide dynamic range and 126.6 dB Noise EIN with 7ms low latency. The discrete class-A mic preamp has 60dB analog gain range and the built-in compressor and equalizer makes the input signal full and magnetic.

NUX N-LIVE is designed for live-streaming. Engage Bluetooth PAIR button, you can tweak parameters through N-Live APP (connect the N-LIVE device in the APP), and play Bluetooth playbacks. The simple one button RVB, premium quality mic preamp and the iconic TSAC-HD white-box amp modeling guitar input channel make everything perfectly adjustable while live-steaming. N-live makes the live streaming sound quality as the recording studio. The plentiful input jacks accept dynamic microphones, condenser microphones, earbuds with mic, and headset with mic (using the included 1/8' TRRS female to 1/8' TRS-Earphones & 1/8' TRS-Mic adaptor). 

Beside mobile APP, you can use N-Live editor on PC to tweak parameters for live-streaming. 

Mobile control panel Search " NUX NLIVE" in your App Store. 

Download PC control panel click here Scroll to "Pro-Audio" Section

Note: Bluetooth audio doesn't stream to USB audio, but you can use Mobile out (1/8' TRRS) to sum the bluetooth playback while Mobile live streaming. 

N-LIVE has 2 operation modes 

1. Live mode: Turn on the device, it will enter to Live(regular) mode. While you engage "ON AIR", in the meantime, MIC 1 / Line 1, Mic 2 / Line 2 / Headset Mic, Guitar (High -Z) Input will be summed as "input 1+2", then you can livestream on PC. If you need playback from PC onto live-streaming, remember to engage LOOPBACK.

2. Studio mode: Hold "ON AIR" button to turn on the device, it will enter to Studio mode. *Under Studio mode, there are no "ON AIR" & "PLAYBACK" functions.

Included accessories:

  •  1/8' TRRS Mobile out link cable x1
  •  1/8' TRRS female to 1/8' TRS Earphones & 1/8' TRS-Mic adaptor x1
  •  USB-C charging cable x1
  •  Type-B USB data cable x1