Joyo JP-06 ZGP Pedal Power Noise Blocker and Isolator

The JOYO ZGP is a wide-range voltage input power supply. It is well known that effect pedal hum and unwanted noise is the source of much aggravation for many guitar players. This little unit is specially designed to isolate a power supply's unwanted noise and hum making your pedals sound cleaner and giving you a clearer and more satisfying signal from guitar to amp. 

The ZGP is capable of isolating the power supplies hum and noise from a 9v adapter which effectively means that ground loops and/or most ripple noises should be a thing of the past.


  • Changes the normal daisy chain power supply into a real independent daisy chain output power supply
  • It filters ripple noise from the adapter
  • It provides 800mA working current
  • Breaks the ground loop and offers independent output
  • It provides stable 9V output voltage
  • Reversed Polarity Protection

The Teach Features:

Brand: Joyo

Model: JP06 ZGP

Input Voltage: 9v DC

Output Voltage: 9v DC

Output current: 800mA

No load current: 70mA

Input Polarity: Centre Negative

Output Voltage Accuracy: 5%

Reversed polarity protection: yes

Weight: 17g

Dimensions: 16x 16x 63 mm

Weight: 17g

Packing list: ZGP; Connecting cable

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