Joyo JF-39 Deluxe Crunch Overdrive Pedal

Joyo JF-39 Deluxe Crunch Overdrive Pedal for Guitar

The Joyo JF-39 is a classic sounding crunch guitar overdrive and distortion pedal that produces the overdriven tube and distortion tones heard on so many blues and rock records. With four controls and a dual gain stage giving the player endless options, this is possibly Joyo's best sounding pedal, and has drawn comparison with the old school PlimSoul pedals used by many a player.

Volume, Distortion, Pre and Tone Controls
The most impressive feature of the Deluxe Crunch is the two stages of gain. The Pre is the smooth, warm, soft crunch that is wonderful for the delicate blues solo's, adding just enough overdrive to fatten the tone without taking over. The Drive function on the other hand, is for the dirty, wild solo's and real rock riffs, with a classic distortion sound equally at home in a 70's or 90's rock track.

By combing the two settings, the Deluxe Crunch can produce a cleaner distortion, or dirtier boosted overdrive sound. Coupled with adjustments made with the self explanatory Tone and Volume knobs, the JF-39 is an incredibly versatile crunch pedal.

True Bypass Switching
The JF-39 has true bypass switching that eliminates any signal interference when switching the pedal on or off. The Deluxe Crunch pedal can be used with an AC adapter (optional) or 9V Battery.


  • Red with White Knobs
  • Silver True Bypass switch
  • Pre, Drive, Volume and Tone Control
  • 1/4" jack input and outputs
  • Aluminum alloy casing with stoving varnish finish


  • Brand: Joyo
  • Model: JF-39
  • Input Impedance: 1MΩ
  • Output Impedance: 1kΩ
  • Running Current: 9mA
  • Power: 9V DC adapter or 9V Battery
  • Weight: 200g
  • Dimensions: 118mm (L) x 64mm (W) x 50mm inc switch (H)

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