Guitto GSS-02 Desk Music Stand Collapsible Tablet Holder

A music stand with portability in mind! 

The GSS02 is a collapsible music stand which is user friendly and really easy to use. It comes with it's own carrying bag to take it with you to rehearsals and gigs. The triangular structure makes this stand stable and well support A4 to A6 music stands, phones, and tablets. 

The stand is made of rust proof stainless steel that have undergone a precision metal treatment.

The Tech Features:

Brand: Guitto

Model: GSS02

Meant for: A4-A6 Music Scores, Phones, Tablets,

Material: Rust Proof Stainless Steel

Adjustable Width(Unfolded):- 65" - 80"

Dimensions(Folded): 26.2cm x 5.2cm x 5.2cm

Weight: 280g