Guitto GAS 12-53 Acoustic Guitar Strings

Guitto GAS 12-53 Acoustic Guitar Strings Anti- Rust Oxidation Resistant Coating

GSA-012 high quality acoustic guitar strings are newly released by GUITTO. They deliver rich, bright, clear and crisp tone, with the most common gauge.012. With comfortable coating, so you can fret a note precisely. Oxidation resistant coating ensures longer strings life, GSA-012 acoustic guitar strings appeal to those who hate to replace guitar strings again and again.


  • Brand: Guitto
  • Model: GAS 12-53 
  • Made of high carbon steel alloy, durable
  • Hexagon steel core guarantees better tone
  • With coating, oxidation resistance and anticorrosion
  • Vacuum packing
  • Tone’s characteristics: subtle
  • Suitable for: acoustic guitar
  • Colour: metallic silver
  •  Packing: vacuum packing, each set contains 6 strings
  • Listing for 1 set of Guitto GAS 12-53 Acoustic Guitar Strings 


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