YUER USB Audio Interface 2-in/2-out External Sound Interface 48V Phantom Power

The Yuer YE -01 Audio Interface has the same chip to the most popular Sound interface Focusrite Scarlett 2i2,  but offers more friendly price in the same time.

Product Features: 

* Aluminium Alloy stable and light Professional Audio Quality 

* Using ADI and NXP professional audio 

* Chip Sample Rate:24bit/192KHz 

* USB Type-C to A input 12 inputs/2 outputs 

* Input: XLR / 1/4'TRS Combo input; 

* Input2:1 Mic / Hi-Z instrument / line inputs 

* Double noise reduction technology 

* TRS balanced out put for Low-noise listening

* Phantom Power 48V 

* Compatible with Mac OS or Windows Systems 


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