NUX DM-2 8 Piece Digital Electronic Drum Kit

NUX DM-2 8 Piece Digital Electronic Drum Kit

If you're looking for a step up from your run of the mill entry level kit, the DM2 Electronic Drum kit from NUX is a perfect match! Great for both an introduction to drums, or developing your skills as a pro player, the DM2 givers you the tools to practice your technique and timing with excellent playability and onboard coaching software.

The solid metal drum stand offers a sturdy four leg design with new, improved ball-clamp snare and cymbal mounts for fast, flexible component placement. It allows you to set up the kit to feel comfortable and play freely.

Every trigger allows for high sensitivity. You can adjust the sensitivity, trigger level, scanning time, mask time, double trigger elimination, X-cross (cross talk) adjustment, or rim gain through setting up the parameter of each trigger. There is an instructional guide with the kit to explain how these features work, but this basically means you can set the kit to respond like a drum machine, or lay down a smooth feel like Bernard Purdie!

The module comes with some great learning tools, including:

  • Time Test Function
  • Tempo Test Function
  • Mute Test Function
  • Speed Test Function

These can effectively improve a drummer's rudimentary skills, and timing.

You are able to:

  • Play along with pre-loaded Songs: 20 built-in songs with adjustable tempo (MIDI: Only percussion track supported).
  • Record yourself: Record and store up to 10 tracks.  Listening to yourself playing is the best way to figure out what areas of your technique you need to improve on.
  • Extended System: You can playback MIDI files in a SD card (support to eliminate the drum sound and adjust the background music volume).

The Tech Features

  • Brand: Nux
  • Model: DM2
  • 1x11” snare
  • 3x9” tom pad
  • 1x9” bass drum pad
  • 2x12 cymbal
  • 1x14” ride
  • Brain Module specifications:
  • Maximum Polyphony: 22.
  • Display: Back lit LCD
  • Power Supply: AC Adaptor (DC 9V) Included

Control Parameters: 

  • 20 factory preset Drum Kits
  • 20 users preset Drum Kits
  • 361 tones 
  • Phase Adjustment
  • Volume
  • Pitch and velocity curve of each tone can be adjusted
  • Reverb
  • Chorus
  • EQ effects for each drum set by the effects setting
  • Cymbal choke function
  • Interfaces Compatibility: Headphones, USB MIDI, SD Card, AUX IN, OUTPUTS

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