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Joyo RD1 Pedal Case + JDB2 Pedal Board/Rack + JP05 Power Supply

Joyo RD-1 Pedal Case + Pedal Board/Rack + JP02 Power Supply

Buy as a pack and save.  This pack includes:

  • Joyo RD1 Pedal Case with Trolley Wheels and Telescopic Handle
  • Joyo RDB2 Pedal Board/Rack for Guitar Effects Pedals
  • JP02 LED Power Supply Brick for Effects Pedals


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    Joyo RD-1 Pedal Case

    This lightweight, but sturdy case is great for lugging you gear around town.  Use it to fit a pedal board, leads, microphones or any other bits an pieces you need to carry to a show or rehearsals.  Save your back with the handy trolley wheels and telescopic adjustable handle.   It comes with 2 metal latches that can be locked up if you need the security.

     Model : RD1

    Material:- Aluminium frame with fireproof sheets.

    External Size:- 63.5 x 34.5 x 18.5 cm

    Internal Size:- L:56.5   x  W:32.5  x D:10.5 cm + Lid: 3cm

    Weight:- 4.2Kg

    Color:- Black

    Joyo RDB2 Pedal Board/Rack for Guitar Effects Pedals

    RDB2 pedal board has a very special hollow design,  which enables the convenient arrangement of wires.  It' has a unique way of fixing a power supply by using an additional elastic band and suits any size power supply up to 17 x 10 x 6cm.  No need to punch holes in the board.

    • Hollowed-out design
    • Smart, hidden hooks for fixing power supply (power supply not included)
    • Elastic binding band & Velcro Tape included

    Designed to fit the RD1 pedal flight case.  Check out the listing for the RD1 + RDB2 Pack a board/case combo.

    Model : RDB2

    Material:  Powder-coated aluminium alloy

    Size: 56 x 31.6 x 5cm

    Power Supply Storage Compartment:- 17 x 10 x 6cm

    Compatible Power Supplies:- Joyo JP01, Joyo JP02, Joyo JP04, Joyo JP05 (and many more like T-Rex and the Huge Voodoo labs Supplies) 

    Weight: 2.68Kg

    Colour: Black

    Optional Case:Joyo RD1

    Joyo JP05 Rechargeable Isolated Power Supply Brick with USB Port

     The JOYO JP 05 Power Supply features, 8 DC centre negative outputs, 4 x 100ma 9v, 3 x 500ma 9v and 1 switchable to 9v, 12v or 18v at 100ma. The power supply also features a 5v USB, perfect for powering USB devices & charging your phone.

    To top off the feature list, it has a built-in 7.4v/4400 mAh rechargeable lithium battery pack which charges fully in 2.5 hours making sure that you are never without power.

    Each output of the power supply features independent filters, output overload & short-circuit protection protecting your pedals and filtering out any unwanted noises. The power supply has a 4 stage battery indicator. You can use the supply when it is in charging mode powered by the supplied JOYO 9v 2000ma adaptor. The level of battery power will be indicated by the LED display on the top of the pedal (0% - Red flashing (charge it up!), 0-30% - Red, 30-60% - Yellow, 60-100% - Green) flashing above to show status. 8 LEDS can light up your board in a bright cool blue glow. An option to turn the LED lights on and off is readily available.. If you are using the supply as a portable unit, it would make sense to turn them off. 

    This makes a pretty versatile power supply, useful for guitar effects and other electronic instruments. The JOYO JP-05 is even supplied with a polarity converter for instruments/effects that require a centre positive supply.

    Brand: Joyo

    Model: JP05

    Outputs: Isolated Centre Negative DC 9V

    • 3 x 500 mA
    • 4 x 100 mA
    • 1 x switchable 9, 12 or 18v at 100mA
    • 1 x standard USB output (5V enables cell phone, IPad and other portable devices)

    Dimensions: 14.6cm x 6.5cm x 3.5cm


    • USB Port
    • 7.4V/4400 mAh built-in lithium battery (charging time 2.5 hrs)
    •  Isolated Short Circuit Protection, Battery Indicator, LED Lights

    Jack Measurements:- Outer - 5.5mm , Inner - 2.1mm

    Included Accessories:- 8 x DC patch cables, Reversed Polarity Cable

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