Joyo R19 AVALLON Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal

Joyo R19 AVALLON Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal

The R19 Compressor is an innovative and effective compressor pedal from Joyo, featuring a classic analogue compression circuit with some added features. 

The AVALLON features a dedicated Input Gain and Output Level knob, allowing you complete control over your signal level and making this effective at any point in your signal chain. The Ratio control gives you power over the level of compression, while the Attack and Release controls allow you to tweak the style of compression to your exact specs! 

The R19 is a must-have for compression pedal users, and provides a real-time display of the decibels reduced via the Gain Reduction Indicator at the bottom. Being one of Joyo’s Revolution series pedals, the R19 has a robust aluminium casing with bright, customisable LED display surrounds.

The Tech Features

  • Brand: Joyo

  • Model: R19

  • Input Impedance: 1MΩ

  • Output Impedance: 2KΩ

  • Running Current: >120mA

  • Power: 9V Battery/ DC 9V Adapter Centre Negative Pin

  • Dimensions: 13cm X 11cm X 5cm / 518” X 4516” X 2"

  • Weight: 416g / 14.674 oz

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