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Joyo JDI-48 Reamp and Active DI Box

Joyo JDI48 Reamp and Active DI Box

The Joyo JDI48 is a 48V phantom powered, active DI and re-amping box.Offering a high dynamic range, the DI will capture and retain the nuances of your instrument. The JDI48 also features an internal grounding channel, with a grounding switch, allowing you to turn off the internal ground between the input and output. Featuring controls such as a low-cut filter, -15db attenuation pad and a polarity reversing switch, you have all the control needed to get the sound you're looking for. 

The high input impedance reduces pick-up loading, allowing a clear, strong signal. The DI features a dual input jack, allowing a standard 1/4 inch (6.5mm) guitar lead, as well as an XLR input, as well as an ungrounded 1/4 inch output and a grounded XLR output.

This is an active DI box, meaning it will require 48V Phantom Power to function

The Tech Features

  • Brand: Joyo
  • Model: JDI48
  • Power: 48V Phantom Power
  • Input Impedance: 220KΩ, unbalanced
  • Output Impedance: 600Ω, balanced
  • Frequency Response: 10-20000Hz
  • Weight: 467g
  • Dimensions: 146mmx76mm×34mm

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