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Joyo BSK60 60 Watts Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

The BSK60 is the newest Acoustic Guitar Amplifier to come from Joyo! The amplifier boasts an output power of 60 watts RMS and can be charged. This is perfect for Busking and Stage Performances which will give you a rich Acoustic Guitar Tone.

The BSK60 is everything you need for performances outdoors. It features Bluetooth connectivity and an Aux In Input to play along with your favourite backing tracks or songs. It also comes with a built-in Unlimited Dub Looper allowing you to Jam with yourself and really show off your chops. The BSK60 now features a "LINK' input which allows you to use effect pedal apps on your smartphone. Too much to control while playing?! The BSK60 comes with a multifunctional pedal to control the features of the amp with ease.

It features a Lithium-Ion Battery which can be charged which allows the amp to be used 4 hours continually at full charge. Another cool feature for the BSK60 is the amp having a 9v DC 500mA output jack for powering pedals.

The Tech Features:

Brand: Joyo

Model: BSK60

Output: 60 watts

Effects: Chorus, Delay with Tap Tempo, Reverb

Channels: Independent Channels for Guitar and Mic

Battery Usage: 4 hours

Bluetooth: 4.0

Added Features:

  • Anti-Feedback for guitar
  • Signal Phase Inverter for Guitar
  • Independent Reverb each for mic and guitar channels
  • Built-in Looper with unlimited overdubs
  • Built-in Audio Interface to Connect iOS and some Android devices
  • Live recording output jack for Streaming performances via your phone
  • Includes a Multifunctional Footswitch pedal

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