Guitto GGS-03 Collapsible/ Adjustable Guitar&Bass Stand

Guitto GGS03 Robot Design Foldable A Frame Guitar Stand

  • Description

    GGS-03 Collapsible Adjustable Guitar Bass Ukulele Stand
    A unique collapsible and adjustable stringed instrument stand, ideal for acoustic and electric guitars, basses and ukuleles. It's design give a robot-themed vibe, the structure is very strong, and is made of materials which protect the instrument. 

    Unique Design
    Extremely portable and easy to setup and collapse, this stand allows for complete ease of use to adjust the legs and arms to suit your chosen stringed instrument. The choice of materials add further protection and support for your instrument. The flexible glue and hard rubber treatment and two-color injection molding, together with metal and polyamide, combines to enhance the structure integrity and soft protection of your instruments.


    • Suitable for electric guitar, acoustic guitar and bass
    • Also for Mandolin, Banjo and Violin
    • Practicle and Portable.
    • Made of Metal and Polyamide
    • The Triangle Structure supports and protects the Guitar firmly
    • Flexible glue and hard rubber Treatment and two-colour Injection molding protect the Guitar 


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