ALP AD-80 Electric Guitar Foldable Travel Guitar

The ALP AD-80 is a revolutionary piece of art in the whole guitar world. Madly designed and also highly engineered the absolutely stunning made and sound qualities. Literally you will be amazed as long as it comes out from the package. Absolutely coolest features including the small and lightweight folding body, built in preamp & rechargeable battery on the body; 3.5mm headphone output make the guitar playable everywhere without bothering surroundings. The Built-in pre-amp is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which provides 10 hours playtime. 

Construction: Bolt-on Scale length: 25.5" (648mm) 

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Conical Radius: 13.7" (350mm) 

Neck: Maple

Frets: 24 

Body: Aluminum Alloy CNC Body 

Finish: Black  

Configuration: HSS Single

 Pickups: P-KD30 Humbucker: P-KD40 

Electronics: Headphone amp switch, volume, tone,5-way switch for pickups. 

Addition function : Headphone amp 

Net weight: 5.5lbs/ 2.5 kg 

Folding Size: 786mm * 126mm * 61mm

Full Size: 786mm * 283mm * 61mm

*Includes Top Quality Gig Bag

Important to read: 

* Actual item may be slightly different from the official display photos specifically  the neck & body colours, logo shape & badge on gig bag etc, as you are dealing with an wildly advanced engineering team who are passionate in changing things, but all these little updates remain bloody funky and cool*  You will love them all!  


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